Quantum Capital Fund (QCF) is a privately-owned Iowa Limited Liability Company that was formed in December 2017 to invest in the cryptocurrency market. QCF has actively invested in the cryptocurrency market for three years and has developed a quantitative model to capitalize on the volatility of the digital currency market to provide investors with returns significantly greater than those available in the traditional capital markets.


Quantum invests directly in mining through Liberty Coin Farms, an investor owned subsidiary of Vortex Blockchain Technologies.


15/50/50 Model

Quantum will invest in direct and instant trading of spot price variations following our 15/50/50 model, which ensures equitable distribution to both the investor and the company.

Quantum Invests on Behalf of All Our Businesses

Every company and every venture partner which has profits will organize an account with Quantum which will manage those assets in a private hedge fund in order rapidly and aggressively increase the value of those profits.
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