Investment Strategy
Quantum Capital has developed an investment strategy designed to maximize returns in the cryptocurrency market. While the market fluctuates significantly on a day to day basis, money flows between crypto-currencies rather than in-and-out of the cryptocurrency market. Quantum Capital’s Dominance Model is designed to capitalize on these fluctuations between currencies, capturing the overall increases in the cryptocurrency market, and also profiting from the short term movements of Bitcoin.
Quantum Capital does not trade in alternative currencies (alt Coins) such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, and those hundreds (perhaps thousands) of others being created every day. Bitcoin is the leader, and we do not speculate on or trade in lesser coins.

Hedge Fund
The daily average of change over the last five years has been in excess of $400 per day. Capturing just half of this with measured, steady, and patient trading means a return in excess of doubling (200%) growth in a single trading year.
Despite massive support from “smart money” investors, despite all the newly minted millionaires, and despite this exploding new market, most people do not yet know what cryptocurrency is. This is why fewer than one in 10,000 people have invested in Bitcoin.
The general population is not yet participating in this boom. We have yet to see broad participation beyond the pioneers and early-adopters. And it is the general population that will push crypto-currencies to stratospheric heights. This is the market space that Quantum seeks to occupy. Any person who bought $1,000 of Bitcoins in July 2010 (when the price stood at only $0.05) would now have a stash worth over $50 million today. And as incredible as these gains are, they are only a small taste of what is coming in the next few years.

Contract Terms
Investor funds are held for a period of 1 year and split 50/50 after covering a 15% operating member fee. Liberty, Vortex, and all our related companies invest their gains in Quantum Capital’s fund. The minimum investment that Quantum will contract is $10,000, with no more than 35 members in any one iteration of a “Q” LLC. There is no upper limit for a private investor’s contract. Custom terms are available on request.